The Hospital Authority

Published: 2021-06-29 07:02:26
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1. Background of the Hospital Authority
The Hospital Authority is a statutory body. It is monitor by the Secretary for Food and Health of the Hong Kong Government. It has been in service since 1991. In 2011, The Hospital Authority has about 58,000 staff and manages 41 public hospital and institutions, 48 Specialist Out-patient Clinics and 74 General Out-patient Clinics in different district, to ensure that members in community can get the service easily. The mission of The Hospital Authority is helping Hong Kong community stay healthy and to ensure that no one cannot obtain enough medical treatment account of lack of means. It is committed to providing comprehensive, affordable and highly professional healthcare services to Hong Kong community.

2. Objective of the report
In this year, there are many articles talking about the lacks of doctors working in public hospitals. For example, many doctors who specialize in internal medicine in Tuen Mun Hospital had resigned. The public is really concern about lacking in doctors will affect the running of the public hospitals. In the report we will first to show the actual working circumstances of doctors in public hospitals. Also we will analyze the main causes of why they have kept complaining and wanted to leave according to the secondary data we have found. Lastly, we would like to provide some recommendations to the Hospital Authority. Hope that our suggestions will be useful to solve the problem.

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