The Great Nation of China

Published: 2021-06-29 06:56:57
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What does one do with 3 trillion dollars; defiantly very few can answer that question. The great nation of China is the only one with this existing problem. Seem like the government needs new outlets to diversify the nation's reserves. At this moment a large portion has been invested in the American government securities. Due to the world's economy, market inflation and money deprecation the Chinese are looking for other profitable investment in order to stay ahead of the world in the money trade.
I think the world as a whole should and can learn from the Chinese, the method of governing and wise choices made to the county shows amazing leadership. When a country has zero debt, and profit gains this only proves that when a nation puts its fellow countrymen first that the country benefits first. This was a great article, it was very informative. I seriously doubt many were aware of China's amazing condition as a nations.

Discipline, one word comes to my mind when the country of China is spoken, in any form and in any interpretation. China has always been labeled a powerful country, and a world leader in technology and founder of new innovation. On March of 2011, the foreign exchange released profit for the nation of China. It's outstanding that in this day and age for any country to release new figures with the reserve holding more than 3 trillion dollars. China may have made very wise choices in purchasing equity, smart money marketing and great investments made on behalf of the people and the nation as a whole. China does have one problem, what to do with the money? This is a problem most nations would pay to have. In the grand scheme of things, as working class citizens I don't think most can comprehend how much money China holds and the amount of power it allows a nation to hold.

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