The Globe and Mail Case

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:41
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A 2013 report on personal finance published by The Globe and Mail warns how Canadian consumers are being overwhelmed by debt. The article outlines how the average consumer's total debt load increased by almost 6 per cent to a record-smashing $27,485 at the end of 2012 (Marotte, 2013, par. 1). Financial products are becoming increasingly sophisticated over the last decade, with the unfortunate result of consumers falling victim to this evolution. The Smart Canadian's Guide to Saving Money aims to combat this development by enhancing the financial literacy of consumers. An entire generation is in need of the insights Pat Foran has to offer with this invaluable resource that should be mandatory reading for every individual.
The Smart Canadian's Guide to Saving Money is a comprehensive guide for the financially illiterate. A low to middle income audience is the people that Foran had in mind when he was penning this financial handbook, in short working-class Canadians. Covering everything from purchasing a car to avoiding loan services, Foran delivers an all-encompassing range of material applicable to every consumer. He achieves success in providing solid and thorough advice to even the most ignorant of consumers. The Smart Canadian's Guide to Saving Money advocates basic principles that may seem like common sense for the financially educated but are practical and beneficial for the average individual. Foran explores important subject areas that most people will be required to consider as they advance through life.
When reading a book on financial advice it is important to consider the legitimacy of the author's writings and whether they truly have any expertise in the field. Pat Foran is an award-winning journalist hosting a feature segment on CTV Toronto called "Consumer Alert" (CTV, 2012). Additionally, Foran is an advocate for financial literacy and was asked to serve on the Federal Government's Financial Literacy Task Force from 2009-2011 (CTV, 2012). Consumers these days are skeptical of any counsel that relates to money matters; thankfully Foran is an esteemed authority that can be trusted.

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