The Global Past

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:12
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Back before the early twentieth century , all people ever talked and a bout and wrote about Were about the rulers , armies and the rise and fall of a king or empire nothing else was really talked about. Their emotions and desires were never viewed as important nether the less no one cared to hear about them back then. Romance as well as other feelings were just viewed as fiction stories nothing realistic . Writers now set two characters in a setting of romance making it believe able the reader. The readers then learned about the aspect a male or female faced in their delemas. these storys now gave us a view on the aspects of peoples views of each other and also how they dressed .
"From Murasaki shitkibu ,The Tale of Genji"(216) Is a story about a married man named Genji who had many affairs due to his good looks. He had many letters from women , and had no shame to show them. Each letterhe claimed that they had sesibity and cultiviation but each letter that he read carfully showed who he had on the list which was few. Each young girl has a large future but once the word gets out on what they have been doing their would be a problem apon them he explains. Both Genji and To no Chujo talked about their expirence with women . To no Chujo then talks about a woman he once saw, it was an affair although she did depend on him as feelings grew deeper he stayed away from her late on found out she had a child, he became guilty then she had disapered till this day she claims to feel that guiltiness within him. Soon almost the same thing had happened to him , he was rejected by the women but once she gave in she felt guilty and only thought of her husband she cryed in tears and then he became guilty for once. He went back to his wife and talked to her then realized that we wouldn't want the same thing to happen to his own daughter and hoped she was smarter than to give in to fools.

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