The Flying Yankees

Published: 2021-06-29 06:56:14
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The Flying Yankees
Luis Velazquez
Professor Joanne Land-Kazlauskas
GPS 4278W
July 6, 2012

Organizations can be examined from many different perspectives. Bolman and Deal offer four perspectives that are different lenses used to highlight certain aspects of an organization. Bolman and Deal's structural frame, human resource frame, political frame, and symbolic frame are the four different perspectives that will be used in both describing and evaluating the organization of the Connecticut Air National Guard. It is important to use multiple lenses when examining an organization in order to have a comprehensive view and understanding of the organization. The Connecticut Air National Guard is an organization that I have been a member of for several years so it was an eye opening experience for me to examine the Air Guard from multiple perspectives. Through examining the Air Guard with the perspectives laid out by Bolman and Deal, I was able to apply the perspectives to a relevant part of my life and I have gained an understanding of the importance of combining different perspectives to create a full assessment. The ability to assess the organization gave way to ideas of how to reframe and improve the Connecticut Air National Guard.
First, the Connecticut Air National Guard will be viewed through Bolman and Deal's structural frame. The structural frame focuses on the goals of the organization as laid out in job roles, job expectations, and mission statements. This perspective, as described by Bolman and Deal, considers employees to be simply workers who will carry out their duties and meet the expectations of the organization. The policies the organization has in place as well as the hierarchy of personnel are seen when looking through the structural lens.
The Connecticut Air National Guard is a large branch of the military of the United States of America. This organization dates back to the early years of this country and it is a government organization with a primary goal to serve; it is not an organization that is for profit, rather it is for service and protection of the United States.
From the structural frame perspective, the Connecticut Air National Guard is one of the oldest branches of the military in the United States. The organization as a whole is large and it is a government organization that is not for profit. The Air National Guard has a dual mission that is part of the United States Constitution ("Air national guard," 2010). The federal mission is to keep units available to be mobilized during war and national emergencies, to carry out missions, training, operation readiness, and humanitarian operations ("Air national guard," 2010). The state mission is "to protect life, property, preserve peace, order, and public safety" ("Air national guard," 2010). Part of the state mission is "to provide support during natural disasters and maintain counterdrug operations" ("Air national guard," 2010). The Air National Guard is responsible for air defense of the United States ("Air national guard," 2010).

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