The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:29
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The book, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, ended with the main character Eddie at a river with the little girl Tala who was covered in burns from head to toe. She asked him to wash her burns away which were a sign of forgiveness by her. Tala was the figure that Eddie had seen when in the war inside of the burning hut. There is a lot of thinking and going back to beginning events throughout this story because it is almost a domino effect for majority of the situations. For example, what I just said above is perfect because you had to go back and find out that Tala was the person inside the hut that Eddie tried to save. She died because of an action that Eddie had done just like the other 4 people in the book.
Not a lot of people understand but a teenager named Nicky was actually responsible for the death of Eddie, not the falling amusement ride. When he went on that ride, his car keys fell out and went into the operating system. Overtime the key was cutting the cord and it eventually got to the point where it couldn't support the ride by itself. This made the ride fall and Eddie jump to pull the little girl out of the way and saved her life. If there was a different turn of events, the machine would have never failed and it wouldn't have come so close to killing the little girl and making Eddie save her for the cost of his own life. I feel that this story needs a new ending even though to do that, you need to change most of the plot because everything reflects on the beginning of the story.

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