The Female House Niggers

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:05
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Category: American History

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"The Female House Niggers"
This story was very intriguing as she starts the story on how black women have endured more than a cotton picking man in the fields of a scorching hot summer. The infidelity, torture, the master wives, and even including the sexuality and non-pure of the accusations that a African American woman had to endure on the daily basis. As I read this story it was explained in depth of how troublesome a black woman's life was. First, being sold, at a public auction sometimes barley clothed and even naked. How could these auctioneers do such a thing if they claimed christianity. There is no way they would treat their wives the same. When they found us, Africans were naked and un-human, as they say, but the gratifications that these women had to bare while being sold where up most insane, no human rights what so ever, not even one bit of humanly! How can any person call themselves any type of human being by doing things such as, striking the stomach with the knee to see how many children she can bore. Moreover, being sexually submissive to the master was a huge stir. A black women had two options, to obey and fulfill every sexual desire the master commanded or live in the misery of picking cotton, having children and the chances of she and the child being sold in opposite directions of each other is very much likely to happen in spite of the masters evil plan for her being a deceitful slave. When I read how some women where excited about the life of living as a mistress in the house, I wouldn't blame the one bit even though contrary it is demeaning, but how could you have morals in a country that doesn't have morals for themselves? In relation to this I think this became more of a color thing when the masters started having children with the mistress. That became the pedigree of being a mulatto. The darker colored people where outside picking where as the lighter skin workers were in the house taking care of the masters wife or being the nanny of the house children. The stories of these women impacted our lives as African women and till this day women of any color and race are still not as equal as the man will ever be in this double standard society.

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