The Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth of Egypt

Published: 2021-06-29 07:00:44
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MASTER OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION(MIBA)The Effect of Foreign Direct investment on economic Growth of Egypt  BY Samer Sohry Saad Supervised byDr.Ashraf ElsaftyThis paper was submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree ofMAY 2017TABLE OF CONTENTContentsLIST OF FIGURES        4LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS        6ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS        7ABSTRACT        8CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION        9Historical Data about Egypt.        10Problem Definition        12Significance of the study        16Research Conceptual model and variables        17Secondary data analysis        17Research Variables        18- Dependent variable:        18- Independent Variables:        18- Moderating Variables:        19RESEARCH LIMITATIONS        19RESEARCH OBJECTIVES        19RESEARCH QUESTIONS        19∙        Major Question        19∙        Minor Questions        20CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW        212.1 Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in Some MENA Countries        212.2 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Really Matter in Developing Countries        212.3 FDI flows and host country economic development        222.4 The effects of foreign direct investment on the host country's economic growth        232.5 The Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth        242.6 The Effects of Foreign Direct Investments for Host Country’s Economy        252.7 Impact of FDI on Economic Development A Causality Analysis for Singapore        262.8 Foreign direct investment and growth: theory, evidence and lessons for Egypt        272.9 Foreign direct investment and economic growth: empirical analysis        282.10  Foreign Direct Investment, Exports and Economic Growth: Some African Evidence        292.11 Impact of FDI and Trade Openness on Economic Growth        292.12 Foreign Direct Investment, Country Capabilities and Economic Growth        302.13 Foreign Direct Investment, Financial Development, and Economic Growth: Evidence from the Arab Countries        312.14 Does foreign direct investment cause economic growth        322.15 Foreign direct investment and growth: theory, evidence and lessons for Egypt        33

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