The Disparity Between It Personnel and Management

Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:47
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hi THE DISPARITY BETWEEN IT PERSONNEL AND MANAGEMENT In to implement and set an IT strategy in any organization , it is foremost important to have the support and the commitment of the senior management . The IT strategy implementation requires information technology view point and orientation as well as the willingness of the people in the organization to undergo change . As a result of IT strategy implementation it may also be required of the company to perform business process reengineering for its various operations in to make way for an integrated and efficient IT
supported base for their operation . This requires the management of the company to willing to lend time , financial funding and support to the cause for implementing a sound and focused IT strategy The reason for the disparity and gap between IT oriented staff in an organization and the staff dealing with functional business activities like sales , marketing , finance , human resources and administration is the difference between their comprehension and focus on the various issues . According to the article by Mark Goulston an IT person in a corporation tends to be an introvert with limited communication skills and thrives among technology . The functional staff however is more skilled in public relationship management and communication skills and tends to shy away from simple as well as complex technologies . However according to the article most of the employees holding the positions in the above mentioned categories are male and try to avoid humiliation by admitting their weaknesses . This widens the gap between people who understand and know how to use technology for their benefit and those who think that investing in technology is not for them . Business executives resist being dragged into their area of incompetence , the world of 'things ' Technologists resist being dragged into their area of incompetence , the world...

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