The Dim Lighting Case Analysis

Published: 2021-06-29 07:00:27
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Question 1:The Dim Lighting Co (Case Study). Complete the case analysis form as part of your assignment. Discuss in detail each of the five (5) questions (headings) on the case analysis form copy. PROBLEMSLeedy and Ormrod (2014) describe the problem as the heart of the research process or question is that the axis around which the whole research effort revolves. The statement of the problem must first be expressed with the utmost precision; it should then be divided into more manageable sub-problems. Such an approach clarifies the goals and directions of the entire research effort.According to Carmichael and Stacey ( explains that your research problem statement is the foundation and focus of your research report. It is a clear, stand-alone statement that makes explicit what it is you are aiming to discover or establish. Get this right and you are setting yourself up for success. If your research problem is poorly worded, unfocused or ambiguous, the rest of your research is likely to go off-track very early; you will do a great deal of unnecessary reading and writing, losing sight or the big picture (and probably your mind)MacroThe problems for this organization on a large scale are pretty easy to see from the case. The company failed to meet its operating targets. That means that when Mr. Spinks has an idea that would normally be a great opportunity for the company to jump out in front of its competitors, instead of immediately jumping into that project, they must first consider all options. Their situation makes the endeavor, and ones like it, far more risky than they should be.I have identified below mentioned facts:Company strategy: They cannot agree on whether they want to be innovative or constantly behind the trend. They are slow to adapt to change, and are reluctant to be ahead of the change. Financing: The division failed to realize its operating targets, and profit margins dropped by 15%. They are in a bit of a financial squeeze, which hence places reluctance on going ahead with the new project. However, it “takes money to make money” so if they decide to not go through with the project due to lack of financing I foresee financing continuing to be an issue long into their future, and a potential second bad year in a row. This has caused them to decline financially, but also limits their ability to take risks that would help them to research and design new technology to get them back into the market. MicroThe companies head of R&D, Mr. Spinks, faces a problem of his own when he comes up with an idea for a new type of lamp that he believes could be the next step up from LED lighting. This is obviously a huge idea, and a big risk to any company. This company however, also happens to be struggling, making it necessary for the organization to discuss all possible risks before agreeing that it is the right idea. This is a typical high-risk, high-reward situation. If Dim Lighting decided to take a risk and put money into developing and producing this new product, they have to be confident that it will in fact be the next big thing. If not, the organization could lose all the money they had put into the project, which at this point would be devastating. 

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