The Death of Benny Paret

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:58
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In "The Death of Benny Paret," Norman Mailer gives an eyewitness account that explains

the vulgar fight that ended in the death of Benny Paret onMarch 24, 1962. Mailer describes the

viciousness of the fight by comparing the opponent, Griffith's, punches to (" a baseball bat

demolishing a pumpkin"), the way that Griffth (" Was like a cat ready to rip the life out of

[Paret]") and how Paret ("Went down like a large ship.") He relates these parts of the fight in

order to place the reader into the ring side seat next to him so they to can witness the horrific


Norman Mailer opens the article with a brief description of Paret as a "Welterweight

champion." With saying that he was able to "take three punches," Mailer tries to give the reader

an image of Paret being an unstoppable force. Paret had "[taken] some bad maulings" before,

making it appear as though another bad fight could not harm or hurt him. Really that quote was

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