The Da Vinci Code Characters

Published: 2021-06-29 06:54:32
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Theresa Breslin, the author of "The Medici Seal" introduces the main protagonist in the very beginning. 'Matteo' is his name and he is a complex and realistic, he lost his parents when he was very young and was raised by his grandmother who is a Gypsy. Throughout the book he is constantly hunted down by the book's main antagonist, a man named 'Sandino' as 'Matteo' has stolen something very valuable. 'Sandino' is persistent, vengeful and stubborn. With 'Sandino' watching 'Matteo's every move, 'Matteo' is always face-to-face with Death but manages to escape by a hair's breadth. 'Matteo' is not always in danger throughout the book as he is in the watchful presence of 'Leonardo Da Vinci', who is another protagonist of "The Medici Seal". Leonardo is Matteo's mentor and close friend, he is tall, lean and has a very friendly face and very intelligent. He to Matteo under his wing and taught Matteo how to read and write as Leonardo finds Matteo fascinating and is intrigued by Matteo's curiosity and intelligence for his age.
Dan Brown, the author of "The Da Vinci Code" introduces the male protagonist in the very first sentence of Chapter 1. 'Robert Langdon' is a professor of symbology at the Harvard University. Langdon is honest and trustworthy; in the book's many moments of uncertainty, Langdon's presence is consistently reassuring. Langdon is clumsy and inept with guns and weapons and lacks resolve when it comes to planning and executing action. For this reason, he is balanced well by 'Sophie Neveu', his female partner; love interest and female protagonist of the book who transforms his intellectual abilities into survival skills that are applicable to real life. Sophie Neveu works at the Department of Cryptology in Paris. Sophie's presence embodies the idea of yin and yang, or two forces that work together in harmony. Sophie and Robert form the male and female halves of a single protagonist, and their goals never diverge. Both Sophie and Robert exhibit male and female traits: for example, Robert's headiness is balanced by Sophie's real world know-how. Sophie is quick witted, agile and devious when she needs to be,

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