The Crimean War

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:34
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In 1783 Catherine the great annexed the Crimea, she wanted to expand Russia's territorial ambitions. She had some military ventures to do that. 70 years later, on 27th of march Catherine the great informed the British parliament that she feels she should help her ally the sultan against unprovoked aggression. As a result of that another war was about to begin, a war that would not formally end until 28 April 1856. British forces combines with Turkey, France, and Sardinia against Russia.
Streets buildings and even children would be named after the victories of British soldiers, their commanders and acclaimed heroes during the Crimean war. The signs of many public houses to this day proudly display names of battles and heroes. Movies were made books and articles were written about the Charge of the Light Brigade which remains a stirring example of devotion to duty and military discipline. All those celebrations mask the realities of a costly deliberating conflict. Russian fleet bottled up in its principal black sea ports, a combined British, Turkish, French forced landed in Crimea north of its target, Sevastopol. Their plan went badly, the ranks of men and horses were decimated by disease and starvation. The supply, transport, and medical arrangements broke down. A lot of British, French, Turks, Sardinians, and Russians were perished before peace settled over the hills valleys and shattered remains of Sevastopol. The war with Russia was not a worldwide but the vast territories of the enemy far flung operations. So another countries were attacked. British joined Turks on the Danube and the unsuccessful defense of Kars. Major Anglo-French expeditions were sent to the Baltic to discourage Russia from venturing to the north sea and perhaps to entice Sweden to the allied camp.

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