The Card: Story Written by James Ross

Published: 2021-06-29 07:01:22
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The CardThe story is written by James Ross. ,,The Card'' which is the title of the short story, is all about a young boy and his time figuring out what this card really means. Thats why this is a good title for the story. It's all about the card. The things happening around Mickey, explains the words in it. It all started with a simple texture ,, No one has your back''. A young boy, received a card from his father on his 10th birthday. At the end of the letter he said, “no one has your back.” Even though the young boy had been through a lot, growing up without a dad, and living with drug addicts, he learned to take care of himself and knew that there would not be a bright future, if he let more bad things come in to his life, for example; His mother's boyfriend. The boy often looked and re-read the card, wondering what his dad meant by “no one has your back.” As he got older, and life wasn’t getting better he concluded his dad was right, no one had his back. He was on his own.Mickey the main character, who is also the narrator in this story, is a very confused person, he can barely remember his father,  and has this negative personality which reflects and make sense, when you look on his house hold. His sister Laura, a very honest and smart person. But although being a junkie, she managed to keep the family together. ,,line 54-60''. And then there is Mickey's mother, a total flake (they call her), who is always doing everything wrong ,,line 66-72''.

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