The Battle for September

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:30
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Metaphors We Live By is an interesting, thought provoking book that explores the relatively basic idea that human beings prefer to share knowledge by using ideas with which they are already familiar. In doing this they can create new concepts, give more meaning to their language, etc. The human mind is believed to categorize new thoughts and experiences as related to other more familiar ones, which goes a long way to explaining why we tend to find metaphors useful.

In Metaphors We Live By the author's ask why and how civilizations create and utilize these metaphors to express concepts we now take as common sense. The book provides many examples of how people talk in metaphors without even realizing it. Beyond that, the authors explain that the human thought process itself is metaphorical. They explore these metaphorical concepts by looking closely at metaphorical language. Lakoff and Johnson provide the reader with many examples of how we talk, conceptualize and reason in metaphors; argument is war (Lakoff 4), time is money (Lakoff 7), happy rational and more are up (Lakoff 15), the mind is brittle (Lakoff 28), inflation is an adversary (Lakoff 34), love is a physical force (Lakoff 49), etc. The authors admit to not having significant information about the experimental bases for these metaphors. However, they do explain that because of metaphors when people communicate who do not share the same culture, knowledge, values, and assumptions, mutual understanding can be difficult (Lakoff 231). This is because people experience life in a way that our culture is already present in the very experience itself. (Lakoff 57)

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