Team Contract Example & Partnership Agreement

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:09
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Team Contract Team 16
Team Members:

Our Purpose: To successfully complete the tem project with every person doing their fair share of work, communicating and working cohesively.
Code of Conduct
We will:
1. Provide the opportunity for all members to participate.
2. Attend all team meetings.
3. Complete work by the proposed deadlines.
4. Communicate regularly and clearly to discuss tasks, deadlines, etc.
Decision Making
We will make project decisions by:
1. Discussion in team meetings
2. If no decision is made a vote will take place.
Task Research report Due 23/4/12 Responsible Person(s) Listed above
Conflict Resolution
When we encounter conflict or someone does not fulfil his/her responsibilities we will:
1. Issue a verbal warning
2. Issue a written warning
3. Terminate contract with offending parties

_________________________________ _________________________________
_________________________________ _________________________________
_________________________________ ___________________________

This Partnership Agreement is made on 15th February 2012 between individual parties
1.Name and Business
The parties hereby form a partnership under the name of to produce package holidays on the East Coast of Brazil. The principal office of the business shall be

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