Sustaining Employee Performance Paper

Published: 2021-06-29 07:03:16
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Sustaining Employee Performance PaperPoder VangHRM/300Eil HardenOctober 24,2016        Performance is the most important factor for companies because if the employees are lacking in skills, then the company will not function correctly. Letting employees know where their performance stand is a good way to let employees know where they stand in skills. It’s part of HRM job to make sure that they are doing daily performance review on all employees. Identify two jobs within the company of your choice        Two job that I will identify within Coca-Cola company would be shipping and receiving clerk and Warehouse Operator. The shipping and receiving clerk is responsible for all shipping and receiving functions (The Coca-Cola Company; 2016). Not only do they handle all of the shipping and receiving function within the company but they also order pick and stock-keeping operations within the company. Shipping and Receiving clerk has to make sure that all documents are accurate to help make an improvement in the warehouse (The Coca-Cola Company; 2016). Warehouse Operator is responsible for the ingredients, packaging material, supplies, equipment receipt, material transfer, warehouse management/maintenance, and finished product shipment to all of the warehouse in the United States. Describe the general function of performance management system        Performance Management systems is a system that involves numerous actives but it’s more known as performance appraisal. The system is to help motivate employees to performance their best to the maximum. This will help evaluate the employee’s effort on the job, which helps compares to the standard that companies have in place (DeCenzo; 2013). Once the employee’s skills have been evaluated, HRM uses this performance management system to review the performance for the employees. Once Human Resources have reviewed the performance with the employee then the results can help the employee improve on their skills (DeCenzo; 2013). If Coca-Cola Company did not have a performance management system, then yes I would recommend the performance management system for them because it can help the company improve a lot on their employee’s performance. This system can help all companies motivate their employees to do their best at their jobs but not only will it motivate them but at the same time it will help employees know where they stand with their performance. One thing I can say is that I am very glad that Coca-Cola company does have the performance management system in their company. The performance management system helps them with all of their high-performing employees that they have in their company (The Coca-Cola Company; 2016). The Coca-Cola Company uses the peak performance system that helps them with more than over 100 global people development forums (The Coca-Cola Company; 2016).

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