Survey of Gender Versus Age

Published: 2021-06-29 07:03:07
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Gender versus Age
Gender/Age 18-25 26-35 36 and above Total
Male 4 3 2 9
Female 3 4 4 11
Total 7 7 6 20

Table 1.1 Survey of gender versus age

Chart 1.1 Survey of gender versus age
According to our research, we found that the gender and age were one of the factors that can affect people stay in the hotel. From the table, we can analysis that male that age between18 to 25 is higher than female which 4 and 3 out of 7 person. In my view, male is the highest rate with age of 18-25 because they may stay in hotel with their lover or friends for holiday. Besides, male has 3 person compare to female has 4 person in age of 26 to 35 which the total has 7 person. This is because most of female in age between 26- 35 go for hotel is for business purspose whereas 36 and above female go for holiday with family because as we know nowadays female are more independence than male. From the age 36 and above, male decline dramatically by 1 person and female still stand out of the top quantity compare to other ages. From the overall result, female stand more than male on staying in hotel.

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