Superheroes Case

Published: 2021-06-29 07:02:46
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Superheroes are heroes that represent justice, that keep their city safe, and are the ones that keep peace in their city. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and more are all very popular superheroes and are looked up to by the citizens of the city, state, or even country that they protect. Superheroes stand for justice, but they can also represent other things too. Such as notion of what it means to be a man or a women, or they can be created to teach morals such as not disrespecting women or even to recycle. I was very fond of superheroes when I was young, as well as most other little children. Superheroes are a creative way to teach morals to people in a way that children, adults, and people of all kinds will be interested and look up to.
Justin F. Martin writes that "Regardless of the culture or the environment in which children develop, key aspects of their development include their curiosity and imagination." By letting children have the icon of a superhero to look up to, adults or creators of the superhero can encode messages that the hero suggests or represents. For example, "Captain Planet and the Planiteers" were a show that was educational and entertainment. The characters also advocated environmentalism to their audience. The Planiteers were created to defend the world from pollution, criminals, and natural disasters. There were also a group of villains named the Eco-Villains, who would pollute, deforest, and poach, that were constantly stopped of their actions by the Planiteers. By viewing how the Planiteers would try their best to be sanitary and try to keep the planet free from pollution, children could be influenced to do the same. Superheroes are also not limited to one gender; there are many other female superheroes that partake in heroism.

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