Super Bowl Advertisement Analysis

Published: 2021-06-29 06:56:38
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Super Bowl Advertisement AnalysisIn 2015, Victoria’s Secret become one of Super Bowl’s sponsors. It is well-known that Victoria's Secret is the largest American retailer of lingerie. Through analyzing the advertisement of Victoria’s Secret that shows sexy models who wear their products, the intent of the advertisement will be clear. Firstly, the advertisement of Victoria's Secret should be identified and described. Victoria's Secret is targeted towards a much younger female audience. Sex appeal is one of the important emotional buying motives of the Victoria’s Secret’s customers. Customers buy and use Victoria’s Secret’s products, as they want to be attractive to the members of the opposite sex. It ensures glamorous underwear is on the minds of men and women during the gift-giving season. Then, the advertisement’s schematic portrayal will be discussed. The background noise is a woman’s attractive voice with tantalizing classical music. However, when the audience watches the advertisement, they focus on their feelings about the models. The frame of the advertisement is set in a slice of life scenario, like balcony, window and bed. In the advertisement of Victoria's Secret, it is clear that the brand emphasis is lingerie, and the advertiser is intended to get customers to buy more products.The advertisement is successful because the Victoria’s Secret makes a deep impression on audience. For one thing, Victoria’s Secret has a greater influence due to sponsoring the Super Bowl. For another, the theme of its advertisement is clear, and it promotes products to potential customers. In addition, the public will be aware if they want sexy clothing, and whether or not Victoria’s Secret is a good choice.

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