Summarization Progress over the Course

Published: 2021-06-29 07:02:26
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In summarization of your comments you stated that I made a lot of progress over the course of this paper. There in my argument you discuss that there are parts that I need to slow down, and how I need to write down what I want to say. You also state that I do need to concern to read my paper out loud and proof read what I wrote done because doing so would help me understand what I wrote down . I do agree with you one your comments, because I agree that I should slow down and do more proof reading. I do see that they apply specifically to what I have written; I hope to work on applying your suggestions regarding the areas that need improving in my argument, by using them toward my next English class and other classes I will be taking during my college education.
This semester I learned about how to asset the MEAL plan and how to use it during my writing. I also so learned about umbrellas and how to branch them to fit in the argument that I was typing. I did prefer writing about a topic that I got to choose, because it seems a little easier for me to talk about what I thought was important to me. I would prefer research compared to writing, because to me it is more hard core evidence in a research paper then in a writing paper. I have noticed myself going through a process that consist of gathering my thoughts, and preparing myself before sitting down and starting to write my papers. I do prefer to talk to my parents and Mary before, writing my first draft. They help me gather my ideas and help me put down on paper what I am trying to say.

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