Subway Assault Ends in Death

Published: 2021-06-29 07:02:18
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Subway Assault Ends In Death
Serial Killer Dies In TTC Subway
A seventeen-years-old Duncan (TTC worker) almost dies in Wilson Station, he almost died by falling into the train tracks and got hit by the incoming train, and the time when this happened is around evening, so there are not much people at Wilson Subway Station at that time.
This happened because Duncan is running away from the serial killer, the killer's name is Weber police knew that is because the serial killer has his card on him. A tragic thing happened; Duncan founds the serial killer's diary and read it then he stalk three ladies who is in the diary and the serial killer named them they are: Bons, (she is very skinny) Clown,(she wear heavy make-ups) and Cherry(she have red hair),
Then later Duncan snuck into the serial killer's house to know more about the serial killer's plan, then at this very moment the serial killer came in, he finds out that his stuff heave been moved, then the fight begin......

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