Studying the Holocaust in Schools

Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:32
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Persuasion Essay: Studying the Holocaust
"'But I don't think the Germans killed 6 million Jews deliberately,'" Ingeborg Sarich stated, a believer in the fact that the Holocaust never happened and students should not be lied to. The Holocaust is currently being debated in the education system in the United States and possibly all over the world. One side believes that students should be enriched with this historical information while others identify the Holocaust as having a detrimental effect on the minds of the present generation. But I believe that the Holocaust should be studied in public schools, especially high school students, for several key reasons.
First of all, it is important for people to be exposed to the truth that is associated with this life-changing event experienced by the Jewish people. There is an enormous controversy behind the Holocaust; some individuals conclude that it was a hoax and even a "monstrous lie" as Arthur R. Butz says, a Northwestern University professor. They thought that it was black propaganda that was being utilized by Jewish leaders and Zionist to gain support and funds for their own causes or needs. Some even believe that the gross distortions of the Holocaust were conjured up by the leaders in World War 2 to achieve full support from their countrymen. However, this is not true; over 6 million Jews were in fact exterminated along with several millions more, all behind the mask of World War 2. By learning of the Holocaust in schools, future generations will see the truth and what actually happened in those faithful years. They could see that the Jews were subjected to harsh conditions in the concentration camps that sucked the life out of all the souls who resided there. Millions were fed poorly and some were left to suffer for days or even weeks before being snatched away by the flames of the furnaces. Elie Wiesel is a survivor who lived through the beginning and end of the Holocaust, witnessing all of the horrors. He placed all of his memories into the short memoir "Night" where he vividly described the ways Jews were treated and the punishments they received. There are countless survivors out there who experienced that historical period in history. They speak the terrible truth and would never have forged the Holocaust for personal gains. They want to forget it had ever happened and would never lie of the occurrence that had impacted their life forever. The truth should be learned to stop this controversy and expose the true events to generations to come.
Further more, the Holocaust shows everyone the results of extreme prejudice and discrimination against a single group. The Nazi party, headed by Adolf Hitler actively targeted the Jews and singled out the group from everyone else. He blamed all of the nation's problems after the end of World War 1 on the Jews. He emphasized Anti-Semitism which led to hate crimes against

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