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Published: 2021-06-29 06:55:13
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The workbook consists of a number of tasks that you will be required to complete based on Starbucks case study. The completed tasks will ultimately provide you with a very good set of examples of how to apply the various tools and techniques of strategic management, which you will make use of in preparing your assessed Individual paper.

The workbook looks at strategic analysis. In the sessions during the second block we will be working with the Ryanair case study. You will have the opportunity to practise applying the models to Ryanair. After the block, you will then start working on the workbook tasks using Starbucks as a case study.
In completing this work, in listening to the views of your tutors during the seminars and in studying the feedback you are given, you will develop your understanding of the tools and techniques of strategic management, and what we expect from you in terms of depth of analysis. Although some of you may already be familiar with some of these concepts, you will discover that in this module, applying them in a routine or mechanical way will not be enough to get you good marks. You will need to apply the tools intelligently, noticing how they inter-relate to affect the choices that companies make. You will also need to reflect on how useful these tools are in practice - you will find some more useful than others for a variety of reasons. We expect you to think about the purpose of the models, and how they would help or hinder managers in making strategic decisions.

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