Steve Jobs Case

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:43
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Steve Jobs

As one of the cofounders of Apple Computers, Steve Jobs was a revolutionist. He made the world "think different" and outside of the box. With his recent death, he has left a lot behind for everyone to remember him by. From his original invention of the Apple I personal computer to todays tablet, the iPad, he has truly changed the way people use their digital equipment. He was not only a revolutionist, but also a true icon in today's generation.

It all started in 1974 as a video game designer for Atari Inc., Steve Jobs saved up enough money to take a trip to India where he traveled in search for inspiration. When he returned back to California he started joining meetings of Wozniak's "Homebrew Computer Club." Working together in Steve Jobs' garage they created the Apple I. This was a big leap for them and was simple personal computer, which was a grey box with a green and black monitor. And that was there start. They continued to work together, releasing the Apple II, which introduced built-in monitors; In1983 they launched Lisa, which included the hand-held "mouse", which is now a standard in todays' computers . They continued on to build the Macintosh, which was the first All-in-One computer and now have todays' iMac.

Not only did he change computers, he did also revolutionize the music industry even when piracy was at its highest. In January 2001, Steve Jobs (Apple), introduced iTunes. This was an easy way to convert Audio CD's into compressed digital audio files, organize your music library, and even play online radio. In October 23, 2001 they unexpectedly announced the first iPod at a price of $399, which had 5 GB of flash storage - enough for over 1,000 songs . The development of the iPod continued on with more features being introduced in later models as well as the size capacity continuing to increase with higher end models. In April 28, 2003, Steve Jobs introduced the iTunes store and a $0.99 per track or $9.99 for a complete music album . This idea made it easy for customers to purchase individual songs. Something that was never offered before and by October 27, 2003, according to SMG World, iTunes had already recorded 13 million songs sold. By April 28, 2004, that number made an enormous jump over 73 million.

Continuing on, a bigger announcement was made on January 9, 2007. This was the iPhone. Steve Jobs and Apple created the most advanced cell phone on the market with the combination of a full touch screen and the iPod. From the 1st Generation iPhone, he strived to improve it shortly released in iPhone 3G which provided access to a 3G network compared to the EDGE network that it was previously running on. On September 2008, Steve Jobs announced astonishing revenue of $7.9 billion from the iPhone alone. Because of this invention, mobile phones aren't what they used to

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