Steve Jobs Case

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:41
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Steve Jobs is the 17th most powerful person on the planet, 110th on Forbes list of billionaires, and number 39 on Forbes 400. He is known as an innovative genius among peers. He created Apple in his garage and moved the company to the Apple we know today. Steve Jobs has contributed a vast amount not only to Apple but to technology. So how has Steve Jobs become so successful? His personality gives way to a lot of these accomplishments. Although his personality is a hot debate, he definitely is doing something right.

Personality traits are very observable to others and contribute to the success in a business. Steve Jobs is known for his aggressive and demanding personality. One key personality trait
Steve Jobs has is self-confidence. Steve Jobs has an incredible self- confidence in his ability to innovate and solve problems. He also has a great deal of pride and self-confidence within his products. Apple has been known to have quite a bit of arrogance and it shows throughout their advertising. This arrogance comes mainly from Steve's view of his company. He is low on modesty however; his great belief in himself and his company arguably has made Apple as successful of a company as it is. From evidence we found in research it seems to be that Steve Jobs has an extreme internal locus of control therefore leading to higher job performance. Not only does he expect high quality work from himself, he also makes sure his employees know the high expectations he holds for them as well. Steve Jobs is known to have a very short temper, always expecting greatness from everyone. His short temper has been known to lead to workplace deviance. However, Steve Jobs gets very excited about his products which can lead to emotional contagion. Upon walking into any Apple store, you can feel the pride that Apple employees have for their products displaying the emotional contagion passed down from Steve Jobs and higher management.

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