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Published: 2021-06-29 06:56:18
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In my previous job as a Business Development Executive, I was responsible for identifying opportunities and achieving revenue goals for Skill Building conferences and Seminars in a business intelligence event organizing company. I had to do extensive research into organization training needs using minimal data available on the internet, develop a profile and a selling pitch for each organization, and finally sell the seminars/workshops to senior level management all over Asia Pacific.
In order to select the best successor an organization should take following steps in placing right candidate at the right job. It can be done effectively through proper recruitment procedures and selecting the most suitable candidate as per job requirements. Selection process comprises of two major stages.
A. Developmental stage, which indicates predictors of job performance, it includes following steps
Step 1: Analyze the job - The very first step in staffing should be to plan the manpower inventory required, in order to match them with the job requirements and demands. It involves forecasting and determining the future manpower needs of the concern, an overview of skills required for this particular position.
* Analyze job to obtain job description.
* Identify the key duties from the job description.
* Translate the duties into the skills and knowledge required to do the job
* Separate the essential skills from the desirable ones; specify as far as possible in precise job-related terms.
* Identify what experience is required to carry out the job. This should be realistic and appropriate to the role.
Step 2: Composition of the selection panel (2 layers screening, one by HR and another by Line manager).
Step 3: Choose selection methods - selection involves judging each candidate and making a decision to accept or reject a candidate through information from interviews, cognitive ability tests, CV's etc.

B. Operational stage in the selection process aims to predict good job performance
Step 4: Select interview(s) technique(s)- I recommend Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs) where candidates are presented with realistic, hypothetical scenarios and then they are asked to identify an appropriate response. SJTs can be administered in bulk and assess job relevant behavior.
Step 7: Decision-making- avoiding cognitive heuristics and using cognitive styles can help evaluating modes of perceiving, remembering and problem solving skills and select a right candidate using right assessment techniques.
Step 8: Appoint the successful candidate.
Step 9: Inducting the new employee -

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