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Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:49
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DBM/502 - Database Management

Given the attached relational db tables:

1. Provide an explicit JOIN SQL statement that returns the store ID, store name, manager employee first and last name fields, manager employee grade, the city and state fields of the store. Only unique rows should be returned. Note that the 4th field in the Employee table is the employee grade field, the 2nd field in the Store table is the store name, and the 3rd field in the Store table is the manager's ID.

SELECT Store.ID, Store.SNAME, Employee.FNAME, Employee.LNAME, Employee.GRADE, Store.CITY, Store.STATE
FROM Employee INNER JOIN Store ON Employee.ID = Store.EID;

2. Without using the WHERE clause, what SQL statement should be used in the User table to only return 2 records with only the Country field and the values GB and USA in each record respectively?

FROM [User];

3. Write a SQL statement to change Sally Smith's first name to Judy in the User table. It turned out that Sally was her middle name.

SET FNAME = 'Judy'

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