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Published: 2021-06-29 07:10:39
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In the United Kingdom sport is a major part of most people's lives so the media has a very important role to deliver the goods to the people. People have access to different opportunities within sports and these opportunities can be influenced and restricted by different factors.
Many people believe that sport participation is open to everyone regardless of social inequalities but is it? When it comes to participation so many people get limited access and this could be due to factors like: the area in which they live, their race and also their social class. But as sports development has been put in place, we have different schemes that have been put in place in order to raise participation and with the help of the media there has been more coverage thus attraction things like funding and also in the long run increasing participation.
People in lower income based familiars tend to do physical labour but they don't tend to take part in physical activity such as cycling, swimming and football, as people in higher income based families, or do they tend to take part in organized sporting activities. Social class is related to participation regardless to the category people fit in to.
Economic inequalities have an effect on the participation of certain sports and the lifestyle people have with different types of wealth. Wealthily people are mostly associated with golf and skiing and other sports that are mainly self-funded and often played at expensive resorts or clubs. The lifestyle of the working class intend to participated in sport which are free and open to the general public or sponsored by local government. Spending money on participated and watching sport is a luxury most people take for granted.

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