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Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:51
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Teachers can organize the situations that both demonstrate the writing process and get children actively involved in it. Some teachers can serve as scribes and help children write down their ideas, keeping in mind the balance between children doing it themselves and asking for help. With some encouragement children can learn to label the pictures and stories and even write them down.
For kindergarten it is important for the teacher to let each child estimating the developmentally and building on that base, a key feature of all good teaching, is very important of all good teaching, is very important for kindergarten teachers. The children learn through initiating the alphabetic principle, the alphabetic comprises in a set letters and the letter sound that is spoken.
The concept developmentally appropriate should not suggest intervention by using appropriate instructional strategies at an early age. While the developmentally appropriate practices can enhance children's social skills in general additional data are needed to determine the practices that affect other facets of socialization.
We need to strengthen or resolve that every child has the benefit of a positive early childhood experiences that can support the literacy development. It is essential and urgent to teach children to read and write competently to achieve the high standards of literacy. For the language you can also use the awareness print that will help the children learn how say the words and learn how to read too.

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