Socu 426 - Annotated Bibliography: Juvenile Sex offenders

Published: 2021-06-29 07:10:03
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Annotated Bibliography: Juvenile Sex Offenders

SOCU 426
August 20, 2011

Knopp, F.H., (1985) Youthful Sex Offender- The Rationale and Goals of Early Intervention. Prison Research Education Action Project.
The author, Fay Honey Knopp began the Safer Society Program and Press in the early 1980s. This program was dedicated to research and advocacy for crime prevention with special emphasis on treatment for sexual offenders. Various studies of both incarcerated and nonincarcerated offenders showed high signs of the early onset of deviant sexual behavior and potential offense related to it. From these findings, therapist agreed that early intervention to control juvenile sex offenders was necessary. Other rationales for early intervention include; ease of disrupting and preventing deviant sexual behaviors in juveniles, their openness to learning new skills, and the inexpensiveness of early intervention compared to institutional treatment. This booklet discusses eight issues in evaluating sexually abusive adolescents in order to see if a juvenile's sexual behavior is 'normal' or part of a pattern of sexually aggressive behavior. It also discusses the criteria for assessing risk, the goals and treatment methods for juvenile sex offenders, and recommendations for State planning to address juvenile sex offenses.

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