Sociological Imagination (not Reliable, Posting This for Free Account)

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:36
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Lisen, Clarisse Theresa D.                                                        MWF 3:30PM – 4:30PMBFA – AA IIThe Sociological Imagination :Personal Problems into Public Issues1. As Mills sees it, how are personal troubles different from public issues? Explain this difference in terms of what happened to Mike in the story [provided].Personal troubles are what we experience in our lives in which we are at fault, experiences that brings us trouble due to our lack of competence, luck or any factor that led to a bad situation a.k.a problems or personal troubles; public issues, however, are what victimizes us in making us think that it was our fault having a particular problem only to soon realize that it is simply the result of a social trend where employers and other influential body plays a big role. In the case of Mike, he mistook the public issue as his own personal trouble as a result of his sociological imagination. Since, at first, he thought he had a unique problem where he was the only one experiencing it due to his lack of hard work but realized soon enough that, no, it was not just something personal, it was not his fault at all but the fault of his company trying to globalize the economy by outsourcing jobs trying to globalize the economy.2. Living in the [Philippines], why do we often blame ourselves for the personal problems we face?

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