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Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:25
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Jacob Muir
Sociology 201
Professor Tim Dunn

Cultural Event Essay
Recently I attended a meeting held by the S.A.M (Student Athlete Mentors) Committee that allowed freshman athletes as well as transfer students who were also new to the Salisbury University program come together and discuss anything that needed attention brought to. The point of this meeting was to promote responsible decision making in the area of overall student wellness and to increase the knowledge and awareness of alcohol, tobacco and other drug issues; as well as to provide safer athletic and academic environments. All students were separated into groups at random and assigned a mentor. All mentors are student athletes at Salisbury University who serve as strong peer educators who are trained to be resources for other teammates and students to help prevention of alcohol, drugs and any other bad things a student may be introduced to in college. The mentors did a great job of bringing the students together so it was easier to talk about problems where as they could have just said does anyone have any issues and been very awkward about the subject, which would have caused the students to also be awkward about it and not speak on anything happening to them. At the end of the meeting you had many new acquaintances and also were brought up to speed on issues on campus along with other personal issues going on in classmates lives.
After reviewing information pertaining to class the only thing I found that would go along with the S.A.M meeting would be the meeting of the United Nations, in many ways these two meetings could be compared. One being all the athletes that met up were from different sports teams as well as backgrounds whether it be ethnicity, or where there from. Another comparison would be that everyone at the S.A.M meeting was meeting up to make the bigger picture (Salisbury University) along with the United Nations (The world) a better and safer place by discussing different problems that are going on but also good things that are happening.

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