Social Media: How It's Changing Our Lives

Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:00
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Michael Tutupalli
Social Media: How it's Changing Our Lives

Topic: "Media: Its Influences and Effects on Our Lives"



A. Attention Getter:

i. Twitter and Facebook are two of the most recognizable social media outlets on
the planet.

ii. Both sites average 100+ million "active" users a day. That's insane! Not to

mention the fact that millions of celebrities, business's and just the regular

average human being can get their word out to just as many people, as long as
they are "socially connected" in some way. A great means of communication, but

at what cost?

B. Significance of Topic:

i. To show how people in this now electronic-centric world what social media can

and has done for you already, and how it is changing our lives daily.

C. Thesis:

i. I am going to talk about three aspects of social media: first, what is social
media; second who uses and benefits the most from social media; and last, how
it influences decisions we make today.

II. Body

A. What can social media do for you?

1. Helps keep communication between you and loved ones, friends,
co-workers, anyone in your family, or pretty much any person that can get to a
computer every once in a while.

a. When I go on Facebook, I can see what my friends are doing, where
they are, what they are thinking, "poke" them, but if you get the picture, I can
communicate with them in some form, that doesn't necessarily have to be oral. I
can see who's dating who if they want to make it public, comment on a photo of
me and a friend or friends of friends. It helps everyone come together as one and

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