Social Development in Adults

Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:16
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* Middle Adulthood (40 - 65 Years)
I have chosen "middle adulthood" simply because I have yet to experience it, and I am curious as to what I have to expect from it. During this period, the main developmental duty for a person is generally contributing to society, and helping to guide future generations. Also, when someone helps make a contribution, perhaps by starting a family or helping with the betterment of society, a sense of personal accomplishment is achieved. I am only a few years away from middle adulthood, and it is encouraging to know that I still have plenty to look forward to and contribute.

* Patterns?
Each step in life brings us new challenges, and for some of us mid-life brings an abundance of them. By this point in life, people's histories are extremely mixed. In a person's personal and professional life many different choices have been made with many different outcomes that have affected their progression. Is there a way to locate a certain pattern in social development that's associated with middle age? Even with there being variety within people's lifestyle and personal background, many developmentalists assure us we can.

* Generativity and Stagnation
Erick Erikson - considered to be the pioneer in studying social development - saw middle adulthood as the period when one faces a conflict between generativity and stagnation.

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