Signs You Are in a Toxic Relationship

Published: 2021-06-29 07:06:45
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Signs you are in a Toxic RelationshipAny relationship is akin to a traffic signal: Hit red, when you feel it’s going in the wrong direction. A lot of us like to stay with the amber signal on instead of hitting the red because umpteen number of times we feel that the former is less painful. But believe me, toxicity in relationships have to be identified when they are jejune, the moment they turn into spikes, it hurts even more.Here we shall discuss on how to identify toxic relationships:1.Passive Energy:Passivity is very common in relationships. When people are passive, they will showcase it in indirect ways. They might not say things directly face to face, but they certainly will create a negative aura around you. The moment you sniff that aura, be sure the relationship is getting toxic.2.Hostility: Anger and blame game are the key ingredients of a toxic relationship. The moment things flare up and stay hostile for a long time is the foremost sign of a toxic relationship.This promotes unsafe feelings, negativity, and loss of love.3.Lack of mutual support: Support is the butter of any relationship. If support dies, relationships start deteriorating. One needs the support of the other but when instances show you that you both aren’t existing for each other in crucial times, you know that your relationship is toxic.4. Avoidance: Avoidance is the worst petal of a relationship. When you mutually avoid each other and when you set your mind not to talk to your better half, relationships worsen. Often talking it out is the best solution but when your counterpart has no interest in talking, your relationship is toxic.

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