Shyness in Kids

Published: 2021-06-29 07:06:40
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Shyness in Kids

Shyness involves anxiety and behavioral inhibition in social situations. Shy children often tend to have participated less in social misbehavior than more outgoing children, but shyness also hinders a child in that in the future because they make fewer friends, develop gastrointestinal disorders, become anxious teens, and have a low self esteem.

What is the goal?

The goal is to encourage children in overcoming this sometimes debilitating disorder and help them to become comfortable with who they are and allow them to participate in social situations.

What information needs to be considered to reach this goal?

One major factor in reaching this goal understands the severity of the shyness that your child may have. It is not truly necessary to go to extremes if you child is growing and developing normally and:
* He is mostly shy in new situations and around new people, but eventually warms up after he has been around a person for a while
* He has problems in larger group settings, but does well in smaller groups of people
* He is eventually able to make some friends

However, shyness can be a problem if you think that it is interfering with your child's ability to make friends or if you think that he wouldn't be able to do well in school.

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