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Published: 2021-06-29 06:57:28
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How do you account for its successful performance?
There are several factors that support the success of Shouldice Hospital approach to perform Hernia surgeries in high volumes.
Standardization of Procedure
Each doctor is trained to perform the surgery using the" Shouldice Method". This guarantees a high level of success and in addition since hernia operations is the only surgery performed at the hospital; doctors are well aware and possess the expertise to react to unexpected issues.
Competitive Pricing
Standardizing the procedure helps improve the efficiency in how it is performed, which in turn it allows it to reduce it cost structure.

Recovery Phase
Using simple process to locally anesthetize patients, design the layout of the building and the processes to induce mobility, train its staff to promote activities to make patients right after surgery to move, enhances and shortens the time to recovery.
Pre-Admission Questionnaire
This process is essential to make sure that the process flows as expected. Doctors review each case to determine is potential patient fall within an acceptable threshold that meets the requirement for the operations.
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