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Tips and Advice
There are many adversities that our older population has to face when experiencing their sexuality. There are ways to get around adversity. Bloom (2000) advises people of the older generation to slow down while having sex, and make the most of the foreplay. You need to realize that it takes longer to get the job done, and have fun with it. Playing with the mood is another piece advice. Take the time to set the mood, light candles, change the lighting or try a new place. Try to make the experience new and exciting for you and your partner. Communication is key in relationships, and especially with these circumstances. You need to make it known to your partner what does and does not work for you. If you do not there is a higher chance of not having a pleasant experience. For women a strong piece of advice is to use lubrication.
Sexuality is not something that is just for the young and beautiful. As our friends come and go our sexuality is something that we will always be able to experience. Sex is something that continues on even after the outer beauty is not as firm and radiant as it once was.

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Bloom, P. (2000, March 16). Sex In The Elderly. Retrieved from

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