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Published: 2021-06-29 06:56:30
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Job Characteristic approach is somewhat similar to job design, it is what an organizations uses as an application for influencing satisfaction within employees by recognizing and rewarding them for their performance. They both have similar concept of job satisfaction by rewarding employee, which improves the business by motivation where employee want to perform more effective however job design is somewhat the different. By applying job design within a business they are able to use the five core dimension: skill variety, task variety, task significance, independence/ self-sufficiency and feedback. If business were able to apply it successfully, employees within an organization will contribute to their overall happiness and personal development. Job enrichment is the process of enhancing job satisfaction and fulfillment by reforming the roles and duties that an employee carries out on a day to day basis (Alden, ND). Both job characteristic approach and job design has similar concept within an organization that influence job satisfaction for employees which is related to job enrichment in many areas. By applying job enrichment within an organization, it provided employees roles and task to perform within a workplace where they are able to recognize if an employee was performing effectively and by doing so, organizations are able to motivate them by rewarding for their performances.
Aldan, Brain (ND). Business Dictionary. 2010.

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