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Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:42
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I was born in Los Angeles, California on April 2, 1994. I am the first child of E***** G******** and E****** M******. Up until the age of 5, I've lived with both of my parents in a house they owned with my younger brother and my grandparents. After the death of my grandfather everything just went in a downward spiral. My parents divorced and they ended up losing the gorgeous house of their dreams. My brother and I stayed with my mother we were too young to understand why we didn't see our father as much as we use to. We never had a stable home. We always moved with different friends and family. When I was about 9 or 10, we finally settled into a home, because my mother remarried, Today my mother and my four half siblings live there. I moved out of my mother's home and I went to live with my father at the age of 15. My brother who was about 11 came along with me as well. I am now 17 years old. I sometimes regret leaving my brother and my three sisters but I am happy I made the choice of living with my father.

As of right now I am a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School. Although it is not my school of preference I am satisfied here. I have made many wonderful friends and met great teachers that are active in the school and community. Jefferson's Advanced Placement Studio Art opened my eyes and got me thinking about going to college to pursue my passion for art. Mr. L*** G****** G*****, the teacher I had for that class was an amazing person. He taught the whole class how to be liberal and how to work with our style of painting rather then forcing us to change it. Mr. Garcia wanted us to think about our work and try to interpret the way our lives are effected by the community, and how our educations differs from the students in schools that have more money.

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