River Route Revitalization Project - Project Background

Published: 2021-06-29 06:56:57
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River Route Revitalization Project-Project Background
I reside in Westampton New Jersey, which is in Burlington County. Burlington County is strategically located in the northeast between Boston and Washington, D.C. Although recognized by the a United States Department of Agriculture as a rural zone, Burlington County has access to major markets consisting of more than 100 million people within one day's drive. Over the years, Burlington County has aggressively promoted the region. The county counts with an impressive economic development department responsible for attracting businesses to the county in addition to providing demographic and economic information to the public, offering location assistance to business, and coordinating economic development programs among government agencies, as well as assisting in business retention efforts and serving as a business ombudsman to improve and enhance economic development in the county.
One program often touted by the County economic development department is the River Route Revitalization Program (RRRP). The RRRP is an economic development project that strikes a balance between business and residential growth and development, while preserving the county's farmland and open space. The River Route Revitalization Program facilitates the continued revitalization of the River Route corridor, formerly known as the Route 130/ Delaware River Corridor or Route 130 Corridor. The total area covered under this project is 17 miles long, running along the Delaware River.

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