Rivalry Among Competitors

Published: 2021-06-29 06:56:54
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Rivalry among competitors:
This is very crucial situation in every business, as for Qantas their main rivalry in Australia or Domestic is none other than Virgin Air, as for international there is more competitors including the top major airline company such as Qatar Airways. By having this competitors alongside there will be significantly huge effect on your profit growth in the market due to a lot of choice for the buyer power. Qantas have dominate their domestic market for them to be able to achieve more profit as the international market is far more competitive than the domestic.

The intangible resource for Qantas is their own brand names that being known as the longest serving airline company in the industry since 1920s. Brand names is one of the major in resources. Their number of employees as of 2015 is up to 28,000 located all over the world and hubs, with the number of employees they share great numerous numbers of knowledge around and made the company strive to success.

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