Research on Chinese Americans Compared to Americans

Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:11
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Cara Grenham
Research Methods
Finale Exam

Why do Chinese and Asian American Students achieve better in Academics than Caucasian Americans. Is it because their schooling is different or how they are raised. Many studies have indicated that Asian American parents endorse a more authoritarian style and Asians do well with the academically parent style ( Lamborn, Mounts, Steingberg and Dornbusch 1991). The Asian Americans teaches their children to act in a socially appropriate behavior. They say their culture is what helps their parenting and they can be broken down into three variables, Ethnic identity, Self construal and Acculturation (Barry and Garner 2001). Ethnic identity is family values and interpersonal relations. Self-construal is what makes a distinction between individuals and working with groups. Acculturation is when one comes first hand when dealing with other cultural groups. In Asia the Asian's are very quiet about their lives and would never talk back to their parents, even if their parents insulted them. They are very into their native language and would never disobey their parents. The Asians would want their children to feel guilty when they do badly in school or if they do anything bad in general. They handle it in a private family matter and it cannot be talked about outside their home. The reason why they are like this is because they care a lot what other people think. The most important thing for the Asian and Chinese American culture is for their children to succeed in school and live their lives only worrying about how to succeed and become above average in their academics. Compared to Caucasian American they do want their children to succeed in school but they are more focused on work and making money. This topic is interested to me because I am interested in why the Asian American Culture and Chinese culture achieve so well in their academics compared to the United States. Maybe we could benefit from learning how they are parents raise them as well how they are educated.
There is a difference between Asian and Chinese American compared to Caucasian Americans and their achievement. Parenting techniques play a huge part in how their children succeed so well in academics. According to Baumrind she classifies parenting in three different styles, Authoritative, permissive and authoritarian. Authoritative parenting is above and beyond, has high standard. For example, the parents are willing to listen to their children and are more responsive. They want their children to be assertive and cooperate. Authoritarian parents tend to get standards, and shape, control and evaluate the attitudes of children. For example, the parents are very strict if they said something it has to be done right away. Most responses from the parents are" Because I said so". They set orders and expect their orders to be obeyed with explanation. Permissive parents are not as strict; they make fewer demands and allow their children to regulate themselves as much as possible. For example, they are very loving and nurturing. They communicate with their children and often take the status of a friend rather than a parent. Cultural values are the core conceptions of what is desirable within the individual and the larger society of a given group of peoples (Gollnick & Chinn, 1990); they are a major factor in contributing to a sense of identity and characteristic ways of perceiving, thinking, feeling, and behaving. An often-cited cultural value for North Americans, for example, is the importance of individualism, while in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Pacific, the collective is more important than the individual (Triandis, Brislin, & Hui, 1988).

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