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Woven Washing Instruction Labels
(+ postage of £0.50 )

Woven Washing Label Instructions for your finished handspun project.  Designed to be sewn onto a finished product to enlighten others as to the origin !!

This was designed in response to a number of people asking me how to wash gifts and commission, so thought I would share them with you for yours.

Background colour - Light Gray    Text Colour - Burgundy.

Dimensions 11.5cm x 1cm

Please note that postage and packaging is reduced on purchases of more than one.

Writing in the Margins Ebook
(+ postage of £1.00 )

I am planning to write and share with you some of my poems and practical challenges in the near future.

These will be in the form of hand-designed books - which may seem a little "Heath Robinson" to those who are used to buying their books from the supermarket - but will be cheep and chearful way of giving you insight and sharing with you my world.

They will be addictive and collectible, I promise.

Handspun/Handyed Knitted Items

I am in the process of putting together designs, patterns and hand-dyed, handspun wool for those of you who have requested details of my jumpers.  The price will be reasonable not designer or boutique - rending the product affordable and addictive !!

Contact me if you are interested in a specific item.

Handyed products

Handyed Silk Scarves are one of a number of items I am currently preparing for sale, along with woven textiles.

Any requests, please drop me a line.

Knitting Patterns

We are currently also preparing lots of unusual knitting patterns, for things you didn't even know you needed !! along with some good old favourites.