Every great piece of work has had to have a Plan  - so what is YOURS?

And so we begin......

Today is the first day of your writer's year - take a fresh sheet of paper and write:-
















[ What will I have achieved in a years time that I can list on my artistic CV?

[ What pieces of work will I have completed?

[ What will I have in my portfolio, so that I may proclaim myself a successful writer?

[ What do I have hidden in the cupboards/computer/filing cabinet that I am afraid to take out and expose to the light of day?

[ Perhaps I could rework it using the experience I have gained since writing it and from the different perspective/standpoint of the distance of time?

Tip: Keep notes of your thoughts and reactions as you absorb the questions and use these thoughts to format your writing “plan”



You can use anything which enables you to get the words down on the page, and of course suits your style of writing.  Make sure you carry a notebook around with you at all times - so don't buy a precious one which might get damaged in the rain, or worse still be too precious to write in.  Be aware of needing different tools at different times.  The computer may be ideal for hammering out the long-stuff and editing, but your first thoughts might need a more gentle approach - colouring pencils and lining paper even - experiment until you are comfortable with your equipment.

A Parable to Ponder

Don't forget
to Read.
Anything which appeals to you !! in all kinds of genres.

This will
not only inspire you
but give you an idea
about what is currently being accepted
for  publishing

Nooit Geschoten is altÿd mis"

"If you never shoot - you always miss" (Traditional Dutch saying provided by Caroline - who attends the Art Class on a Saturday - in other words if you don't give it a go, how can you ever win )

I used to attend art classes at the Studio of Peter Thawley. He is an amazing artist who has the rare ability to teach without imposing his own views, and that of the artistic "establishment" upon his students. His Studio is a place of tranquility, where his students can "spread their wings" without fear of criticism or ridicule.
Everybody in his classes are "artists" because they turn up, paint, and produce.

I (and others) find it an inspirational place to work, and after I left I found the rest of the day extremely productive - my writing flowing in a way that it didn't use to, when my mind was still too cluttered from the everyday business of the week. It acts as a sort of "air lock" -allowing you to de-pressurise and relax in an amazing artistic atmosphere - allowing your mind to become free. Almost like a retreat.

Now the point of this story is - Peter doesn't look like an artist - he is a physically fit (ex-rugby player!) who works out, he doesn't go around posing in paint-covered trousers, or spouting art speak. He IS an artist because he paints - it is as simple as that, and he paints pictures people admire and can relate to. He is contagious - because he is an artist who can share his gift - those around him become artists simply by his encouragement - we all have amazing outputs of pictures we are proud to put our name to and others can relate to.

With me so far? - So it doesn't matter what you look like, or what your day job is, or what qualification you had, or didn't.

Don't worry about fancy pens or computer equipment. You are a WRITER if you WRITE. The only person who has to be happy with your output is YOU, nobody has the right to criticise, only lend a friendly ear and support. Like Peter, BE CONTAGIOUS - share your gifts and your vision – then we will all have amazing outputs of THOUGHTS we are proud of and can relate to, and most importantly put our name to.

So that next piece of work you complete and you are rightly proud of, don't leave it languishing in your notebook or computer. Enter it into a competition, or upload it into our file section, show it to a friend, put it into a card and give it to somebody to comfort them, or congratulate them. Share it. Don't worry about what anybody might think, because "If you never shoot - you always miss" as Caroline says. Then you will be a WRITER too. - Here endeth the Lesson - hope the encouragement helps!

So you have identified your goals, analysed what YOU are trying to achieve, you have bought the equipment to write on, and now you need a project....... look around you....

What are you waiting for? Don't just Dream or Talk about it

Shani Phethean-Hubble