You have the chance to design a home of your dreams.  What rooms would you put in it, and would what be the "signature" piece of furniture in each room - why?  what is the significance to you?

Now write 200 words about a visitor to your house through their point of view.

take it further:-

Write 200 words challenging their point of view.

Consider: Have you changed your mind about your furniture?

“Words ought to be a little wild for they are the assaults of thought on the unthinking”

John Maynard Keynes

Today I give you the word:


The Prompt for today is the first line:-

"As I stood and collected my thoughts, I remembered..."

"Nothing can add more power to your life than concentrating all your energies on a limited set of targets" Nido Qubein  American Businessman

If you are stuck on a piece of writing and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere - try distancing yourself from it and write a couple of paragraphs from the point of view of say 20 years on.
Write now about how the issue resolved itself etc.
Then go back to the original piece of writing with the benefit of handsight.

You are at a bonfire night party, wrapped up warm and cosy, thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere and the dramatic display.

- looking around you, you notice two people having an intense conversation, so totally absorbed that they are unaware of anything or anybody around them.

What are they talking about?

take it further:

and how will affect the events of the evening?

Pick up a book - any book - turn to the last page and pick the last two lines - write them down as a heading on a fresh sheet of paper.

Now use these as a prompt to start a new piece of writing....

Today I give you the word -


Make a list of the 5 books which have influenced you, your thinking and writing most in the last few months.  Then explain Why? & How? in concise brief sentences.

Light Bulb Tip: Look on Amazon if you have forgotten the plot/author of a particularly haunting book to refresh your memory and recapture the picture in your head. I keep a postcard inside each book I am reading as a place marker, and then when a phrase really jumps out at me I write it down with the page no, so that I can quote it later.  Long after the book's plot is forgotten I still have those cards and can utilize them as a writing prompt.

Now you have defined what attracts you to a particular storyline - Write some notes outlining what you could write that will have a similar effect on other people.

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