News, Views and Updates from Shani's busy and somewhat overflowing but creative Desk

It has been a long time since I have undertaken any housekeeping on this website, my world has been very full - as those who know me will understand!

Since I started this site, my world has changed dramatically and is still in a state of "flux".  I have had to take an enforced health-break, rethought my career path, totally halted my writing workshops and am gradually returning to writing, but this is a slow and painful process.

I want my world to run differently, but it is still too difficult to consider fiction and my days stay full of strict facts and reiterations of events.

I am working on lots of creations and creativity at the moment, but the way my breakdown has affected me is I struggle to create in words, but use a different pathway in, involving colour and construction.

This means that I blog and write less, but draw and paint more, as I struggle to join coherent sentences together - but colours, paints and pastels do not demand as much from my soul to get to the page.

If you want to write to me, I would love to hear from you, but do to the limitations of Mr Site the emails rarely get through - so please email at [email protected] .

I am going to start putting together some prompts and inspirations that may interest you, as I gently re-emerge into the world I once was so active in.

I am also working on another creative project - Take a Moment - which will be a collection of 1 minute videos taken from varying locations that interest me.

See you soon...