I have set myself a challenge for 2009 - join me on the journey, wherever you feel you want to...

Challenge 1: Knitting - design and knit an article

Challenge 2: Weaving - using the Ashford Knitters' loom - learn to confidently warp up and produce different designs and styles of cloth on a regular basis.  Eventually producing a piece of work with a hand dyed warp and matching hand-dyed weft.

Challenge 3: Sewing - produce an article which has a lengthy amount of hand sewn - I chose a mitred blanket corner.

Challenge 4: Handspinning a designer wool...

Challenge 5:  Dying - acid dyes - wool for socks

Challenge 6:  Quilting - thought perhaps a small project bag.

Challenge 7:  Tapestry Weaving - started, using hand-dyed wool.

Challenge 8:  Dying - natural dyes.

Challenge 9:  Felting

Challenge 10, 11 and 12 - to be formalised.    and I have joined the Devon Guilding of Spinners Dyers and Weavers who have been generous with this inspiration....

I have also started writing some poetry and prose to accompany each task and will probably self-publish something at the end of the year.  Here I am - sewing blanket edging under the watchful eye of Sarah Harris at the Spinning Weal.