The Reason Why


The name of this group "Writing in the Margins" is taken from an interview given by Beryl Bainbridge for the Sunday Telegraph Magazine back in 2003.

I remember it being the first time I consciously realised that it wasn't just me trying to fit too much into an already full life.  I had to acknowledge, regretfully, that my writing had become a "guilty" secret, only undertaken when all my commitments to the family, life and planet were fulfilled.

THAT IS HOW I WRITE , in the margins of my life -

When chaos surrounds me;
and the kids won't go to sleep.
My partner is being demanding; and
the workload won't simply keep.....

that is when I write.... I am Writing in the Margins of my life.
then and only then

- the words flood paper in ink
that is when I am living; and
the only time I can truly think.

Sad, I know, but a reality for most of you I suspect.

When you spend your days chasing the clock, and fighting the world, you often forget to make time for writing.  Writing can mean different things to many people, poetry, fancy phrases, or scrabbled notes in a journal - in my case it is probably an addiction !!   But to be truthful with you, I find that my writing is purely a by-product of who I am, and as such it is difficult to justify making the time to do something so personal - especially when there are so many other "obligations".

This site is a place where you can put yourself and your writing first.   Take a deep breathe, sit down, have a cuppa, relax and do something for you - I am empowering you and give you permission - write something down which has more permanence and relevance to you than a shopping list or an excuse note for the kids for school. Creative or crap - it doesn't matter - there is nobody who has the right to judge.

My mum died 34 years ago this year, and the only intimate legacy - the only way her internal voice lives on, is through an old battered folio of poems written on cream-aged paper and fading pencil strokes on feint lines.  If she hadn't taken time to write in the margins of her life, I would never have known her through adult eyes, so this site is dedicated to her memory.

So sharpen your pencils, allow yourself to dream - take time out and write something, capture the essence of NOW on paper.  Don't wait until tomorrow, because those thoughts will evaporate and it will be too late.

Best wishes and remember to have fun with these pages, whilst writing in the margins of your life.

Shani Phethean-Hubble

A number of members have contacted me over the last few weeks to say they would like to make donations to help run this site, as a small token of appreciation, after for example selling a particularly successful piece of writing inspired from a prompt.
Writing in the Margins is a free site, and will always be so,  but if you do wish to make a small donation, please do so through the form below, and I will forward these to my favourite charity - Headway Bristol - who have done so much to help our son and support our family.
Many thanks for your generosity and kindness - Shani